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Tony has established an innovative and visionary style
of bass playing that defines the square root of melodic
sounds, melding jazz, funk and Latin overtones in a
style of his own.

His new CD, “A Cosmic Odyssey”, newly released, shows
Tony’s dynamic, melodic and innovative styles of bass playing. This recent production showcases his ability to combine Bass lines and melodies with no overdubs.

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The PRO club is designed for musicians who have a desire to learn the bass guitar, improve their current playing ability, or learn new and advanced techniques.  This club will benefit the beginner and the PRO musician alike.

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Tony Smith is a bassist who possesses blistering chops and also knows how to pace himself through tasty grooves in this accom- plished ensemble work. Smith’s nimble plucking can be awesome (“Caliente,” “Rock Child”). He also anchors the ensemble when called for without hogging the spotlight: The likes of “Over Bridge,” “Colton,” and other tracks are unabashedly joyous fusion – speedy, precise, and full of melodic undercurrents.


Tony Smith shows us what a virtuoso bass guitarist can do He plays a mean funk-slap groove, a three-finger pizzicato, and an electrifying original technique he dubs “the klaw.”

BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE: Tony featured In Bass Player Magazine.

Advanced Bass Grooves – by Tony Smith [Starlicks / Hal Leonard] Broad groove vocab makes this worth revisiting again and again!